Nintendo's Business Strategy For The Wii U.

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1. The Nintendo 3DS model has a strong set of software which will enable the company to leverage from its software and hardware. Nintendo this year will see in an increase in its sales. Also Nintendo has raised its hardware estimates for the 3DS to 18 million, up from 14 million since the last few years.
2. Iwata (CEO of Nintendo) has committed the company to increasing support for the Wii U, This includes dealing with the system's identity. The most important goal of the company is to have a title which will help people realize the value for money. For this Nintendo needs to have a clear communication strategy. This will help Nintendo to make up for “lost momentum” by launching key titles for the system starting with Pikmin 3 in July or August
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Market Strategy
1. Reaching Beyond Existing Gamers
The market segment of Nintendo is focused of first time games. Their aim is to have people to have fun when playing the games, they want to introduce games to those who are not avid players. Their ability to have women, children and men who aren’t interested much in games to enable to play.
2. New and Easy-to-use Controller
Their strength lies in having easy to use controllers, which is much different from its competitors. Thus even the non gamers can start playing. For instance, the Nintendo DS - touch screen, and Nintendo Wii –wireless controllers, which can be used as a weapon, and for various sports equipment during game play. This gives Nintendo an edge over the others.
3. Shortening the Game Time for all
Time is of the essence to people today. Not many people can spare out much time from their schedule to play games. Thus Nintendo has designed its games in a manger which ranges to short span. Thus giving an opportunity to all to play. For example, Nintendo designed simple games, such as “Wii Sports”, that only require play time of a few minutes per
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The Budget Console
Consumers want great entertainment experiences and products that are value for money. Nintendo launched Wii as a budget alternative for those who wish to play.
Technology Strategy
1. Do it differently
Nintendo’s competitors consider both processing power and beautiful graphics as key elements to success, but Nintendo defers. It attracts new gamers with its innovative console.
2. Moving Closer to Mixed Reality
Games with Nintendo Wii are rely on real-life. For example, while playing “Wii Sports” (golf, bowling, tennis, etc.), gamers use the new controller as they would in reality which allows them to pick up almost instinctively.
Business strategy
Open Innovation
In order to obtain a continuous stream of innovations, Nintendo sources talents from its users by inviting them to develop the video games for the Wii, and will sell them through the Wii-Shop channel. It is called Wii-Ware program, and was launched in early 2008.
Future Strategy
Mii – The Digital Avatar for Wii’s Mii Channel
Some gamers are not really fond of personalizing the characters on games, thus by providing hassle free personalization will help them win people. This is done by taking a picture and placing it automatically in the personal profile, which can save time and add fun to a game. Another way is have animal animation so that gamers can personalize their Mii channel into an animal. The company has to look for innovative ways to communicate with the

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