Essay about Case Study Of Nico Supply Company, Inc.

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Before I could ever remember “The Shop” has always been a place that I was familiar with. It was a place where I once lived, as well as other family members, and worked here too. The company is actually called Nico Supply Company, Inc. which was originated by my great-grandfather, Nick. It is now owned by his two daughters and son, my Aunt Nicki, Aunt Susan, and my Grandpa, Craig. My Grandpa and my Aunt Susan live on the same property as Nico Supply but on the side of the building. I have a lot of memories here because my dad worked here, my mom, grandpa, and even I did for a while. My family used to live in my grandpa’s house at a time. I was young when we lived there. This place is meaningful to me because I know it so well and can describe.

Nico supply was founded in 1968, it started off as a company that provided chemicals and parts to the oil and gas world. They also rent out equipment, which includes mud labs, light towers, pressure washers, and water cooled fans. Albert, the truck driver, delivers the chemicals in trucks owned by the company. A chemical called “Nico Super Seal” was made by my great grandpa. The guys, Alan and Bubba, do maintenance on any equipment after they are rented out if needed. Over in the warehouse my Uncle Bobby puts the chemicals in barrels and packages them up for delivery. My Aunt Nicki is the main owner now, but its shared with my Aunt Susan and my grandpa. They manage the office, answer the phones, and just run the business.…

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