Case Study Of Monsanto

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Binod Gurung
SCN 200
November 2, 2017

Monsanto is a major food supplier. Monsanto has taken over the seed market. The controversy that surrounds the Genetically Modified(GM) seeds produced by Monsanto is that the GM seeds require chemicals like pesticides and herbicides which is not only causing environmental change but also causing harmful effects on human and animals. More than 200 companies have been bought by five giant companies Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer, Dow and DuPont in the past 15 years. These companies are dominating the seed market and adapting the GM seeds. Monsanto has become a world leader in production of GM seeds. Monsanto produces most of the seeds needed to support world supply. The increased use of Monsanto’s GM seeds
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Anthony Falls, Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 1869, Charles A Pillsbury and Washburn collaborated to form Minneapolis Mills association. Both of them wanted to turn Midwestern water wheat into a higher grade of flour. Washburn took the help of a French engineer to make his product the best flour in the United States by improving his method. He partnered with John Crosby in 1877 and named it Washburn Crosby Company. Their flour was awarded gold, silver and bronze medals at first international millers exhibition in Ohio. In 1888, James S. Bell took the leadership of Washburn Crosby. In 1928, General Mills was founded by James Ford Bell who was the son of James S. Bell by merging Washburn Crosby with several other regional millers.

Two major foods sold by general mills are cereals and yogurt. The targeted audience for the mentioned products are Hispanics, baby boomers and
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