Case Study Of Maximizing Efficiency: Priscilla Victor

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Maximizing Efficiency – Priscilla Victor

Executive Summary:
The purpose of this case study is to identify the areas in our workplace that could use some of the current Lean Production that we now have in place. The field of research would be in a medical office setting, and the day to day handling of scheduled patients. This means checking-in and checking out patients, as well as getting the patient roomed and the physician in to see the patient. The theory is that that if we go completely paperless as an office we will be timelier and waste efficient allowing us to fit in more patients with the time and waste we will be saving.

The problem that I am seeking to resolve is that we use too much paper product in our office. We use paper to check in the patients, to check out the patients, to give orders, and records. There is a high usage of paper in our office which not only waste money but time as well.

The workplace structure that I find takes up so much time and uses so much
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Kaizen methods will be so helpful for our office, because then we won’t waste money or time. If we are able to put in a time efficient mechanisms or standard this will possibly allow us to see more patients. We will be able to provide our patients with more privacy, and information as needed. Rather, than printing forms that they do not want which could be found lying on the floors of the office. I suggest mechanisms like, electronic signing of all forms, and electronic faxing, and using our secured emails. We could post important announcement, on our TV screens in waiting areas. We send emails through our patient portals. We can all use and send emails, forms and basic physician correspondences for everyone. There are so many ways to make what we do and provide to our patients using lean thinking and

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