Case Study Of Kiki Magazine

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Although the magazine industry brought in 14.84 billion dollars last year Kiki is competing in a niche market group of girls between ages nine and fourteen who want a fashion magazine that also has design based content. Kiki 's product is unique due to the fact that most other magazines in this area are either focused on fashion and dating advice, or are strictly educational. Kiki 's product looks to be a mix between the two, and will show young girls that they can have style and substance. For Kiki to be able to determine its long term profitability and growth it is imperative that they gather accurate market research from a variety of first and secondhand sources, and implement a marketing plan that shows parents the value of their product …show more content…
To combat this problem Kiki will have to be strategic in the way that they seek out new customers, and efficiently use its marketing resources to target nine to ten year old customers. Kiki can overcome this obstacle by marketing to seven and eight year olds by buying ads in magazines that are for a younger readership. Although this may seem like Kiki would be funding its competitors it would actually allow Kiki to pull readership away from these magazines as readers begin to question if they are too old for this style of magazine. Another strategic marketing plan would be to target moms of second and third graders and send them a flyer that outlines the benefits that reading at an early age provides, and also show data that Kiki has helped their readers have increased confidence in themselves. One last way for Kiki to address this problem would be to work directly with the schools and give all 3rd graders a free subscription in the hopes that they would get hooked, and continue their paid subscription for the next four years. This last strategy although costly up front would allow Kiki to really expand its readership, and because it is 100% reliant on circulation revenue this is the most important aspect of their business

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