Case Study Of Human Resource Management In Organizations

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This report will discuss about the Human Resource Management in Organizations. HRM is simply a strategically planned approach to an organization’s most important assets that are the employees working there who works individually or in groups to complete the core objectives of the organization (Armstrong and Taylor 2014). In this report we will highlight the case of a leading Electronic Manufacturing Services provider Flextronics having headquarter in Singapore and operating in over 30 countries with a workforce of 162,000 employees as of 2008 and revenues of US$27.6 Billion. The company has its manufacturing units established in low cost countries like India, Brazil, China, Hungary, Mexico, Poland and Ukraine, offering widest
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The term diversity may relate to differences on the basis of age, gender, ethnic group, nationality and those with or without physical or mental problems (Magoshi and Chang 2009). And in the field of Management, Diversity Management is measured in every aspect of Human Resources weather they are about promotion, hiring, compensating, training or making new policies (Magoshi and Chang 2009). Moreover, it has been recognized as an outstanding source of bringing out the creativity and innovation in people which could proves to be the basis for the competitive advantage in the organizations specially if the organization is operating globally (Bassett‐Jones 2005). According to the Diversityinc (2016) diversity management is just the strategies to use the best practices with definitive result to create a diverse and inclusive workplace for all irrespective of their cultural background or race or gender. Kramar (2012) has closely observed that sexual orientation uniformity has been the focal point of diversity management and many organizations are still male dominating, implementing these diversity management practices proves to be of great help to all in creating a perfect working environment. In case of Flextronics, when they open their new plant in Hungary, all the staff there was diversified. There …show more content…
A good Human Resource Management in any organization is the key to its success. The whole report describes the various practices done by Human Resource managers to improve the performance of the employees and the success of the company. Flextronics firstly failed in this field and after learning from its mistake in Hungarian plant, Flextronics adopted new International Human Resource Management practices which at first help in increasing the qualification of their CEE employees covering both technical as well as soft skills. Furthermore, the introduction of corporate wide Flextronics University was a good step taken in training of line managers. With many ups and downs in its journey throughout the years, Flextronics quickly adapt according to the situation and came up with solution to tackle the problem. Though there was a time when they did not anticipate cultural difference between Austrian and Hungarian employees and due to which they lost many employees to their competitors due to minimal rise in their pay. These things could be avoided with good HR management. Further, with the expansion of the company and setting up plants across the globe, they face yet another problem where their products vary from plant to plant. However, this was tackled by starting new programme with integration with an old programme

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