American Chocolate Bars

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Sugar. It’s an increasing problem contributing to the issue of obesity in America. Many everyday foods contain unnecessary amounts of added sugars, candy included. People try to reduce and avoid the “bad” contents of chocolate such as lowering the amount of carbohydrates by selecting a darker chocolate (O’Connell 182). However, American chocolate bars have started to concentrate less on what should be the main ingredient, to instead a more “filler” ingredient, sugar. This is a contrast to chocolate bars in the United Kingdom (UK) that require more cocoa and have a primary ingredient of milk, instead of sugar. We could infer that the amount of sugar we Americans eat is responsible for comparably high obesity rate. Just comparing popular chocolate …show more content…
Milton Hershey managed to sell his chocolates through advertisement. He sold his name on the wrappers that soon lingered on the lips of children and adults. The Hershey Bar was gradually becoming popular with the people, though it did not taste as good until Hershey changed the ingredients to make a sweeter candy bar. As a result, the American people seemed to like the milk chocolate bar more than the dark chocolate bar; Hershey made such decisions to create what the American people liked to taste. He created one of the best chocolates manufacturers, “by 1907, annual sales were approaching a mind-boggling $2 million” (Kawash 156). Even so, Hershey is still one of the highest earning chocolate manufacturers for it has made $7.42 billion in annual sales (Hershey …show more content…
Cadbury Dairy Milk is “healthier” than Hershey’s, but why is there such a difference between the chocolates? The chocolates are from two different countries; thus, the chocolate is specifically designed to the taste of the people. Most English people, who have tried Hershey and Cadbury bars believe the Hershey bar to taste like wax or that it is sour, whereas the Cadbury bar to taste like chocolate. Most often when Americans sample the two chocolates they have found Cadbury to be the better sample. Once Americans realized how much American and British chocolate varied, “more than 37,000 people have signed a petition to boycott Hershey 's, which has the license to produce Cadbury chocolate in the US, and regards imported British-made Cadbury chocolate as a trademark infringement” (Metz

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