Case Study Of Franklin Equipment Case

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The Franklin Equipment case poses a big challenge to the project manager due to the different personalities involve in the project; however, we proper risk management and communication skills among team members could make the difference in the project.
Choosing the appropriate manager for the project is significant, due to the fact that every project is different; therefore, the organization must choose an individual who is familiar with the area of operations and necessary skills to successfully accomplish the project. On this particular project, the individual selected to be the project manager must be familiar with the environment, logistics, possible risks and individuals working on the project. After the organization identifies the
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Project managers must conduct an assessment of the area where they are conducting the project in order to become familiar with the area, such as culture and resources where the project is going to be conducted. After the project managers obtain the information, they should passed onto their staff in order to keep them informed about things and places they must avoid while conducting business with the locals. Communication is one of the success keys while working on any project (Local or international). Project Managers must encourage communication among team members, especially while working on international projects because is very important to keep everyone informed about where to locate the necessary resources to accomplish the project. Trust among team members assigned to work on an international project is also a key factor in successfully completing the task. Project’s members must understand that is important to work together while working on international projects, because at the end of the day, the team is in a foreign land and they only have each other for support. Team members who work in international projects must be flexible and adapt to any challenges they may encounter. They must understand and follow the local’s procedures in order to avoid future major delays in the …show more content…
One of the main issues encounter by Jobe is making Perry and Ranking work together in the project. Perry and Ranking had problems working together; however, they manage to work through the project. This time appears to be more challenging for them to work together, due to the nature of the project. The human resources department believes Perry and Rankins can work together just fine, and by doing this the human resource department sets an unrealistic goal for this project, by making Jobe work on the project along with Perry and Ranking. Jobe, is facing a challenge refer in the textbook as dysfunctional conflict due to the historical disagreements between Perry and Rankins, their issues cannot be accepted, arbitrated or put under control; furthermore, Perrry is aware of the possibility of Ranking been fired from the project if they can’t work together and this was a terrible idea, since Perry doesn’t like Ranking, Perry found one more reason not to work together with Ranking and increasing the failing rate of the project

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