Case Study Of Five Customer Satisfaction Secrets

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2.1.5 Customer Satisfaction Secrets
The following are six customer service secrets for winning back customers, increasing Satisfaction of customer, and increasing bottom line. Those were experienced by Mr. Ed
Sykes, the Vice President of Sales for a New York based computer Services Company.
1. Start with a Positive Attitude – Consider any customer service situation a defy and an opportunity to know more and develop, and take care of the customer’s demands.
2. Listen with Empathy – Put yourself in the customer’s shoes, experience his/her problem, and communicate to the customer you understand his or her problem.
3. Take Ownership – Never make excuses for what occurred with the customer.
And it’s better to apologize and take ownership for
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Similarly, business owners know that both customers and employees are equally vital to their business success. (Barnato, 2011)
The researcher found that, ‘There is different views relating to this subject, part of the researchers argue that having the right pleased, committed workers makes the difference between good customer service or product; the difference between good business performance and extraordinary performance of the business. Therefore, getting those satisfied workers will effect on the customer, through increasing the levels of the satisfaction due to particular procedure of treating the customer. (Gorman, 2011)
Through putting the workers first, the manager can bring about primary change in the manner a business creates a unique value for its people and differentiates itself from the competitors. (Zidle, 2012)
While some say that customer comes first, he is everything and he is always true. If not treat him basically, he will not be satisfied and he might move far away. A business will not exist without the customer even it has happy workers. ‘The customer always comes first. A lot of companies say this, but fail to follow
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 Putting Customers First: Customer Loyalty:
• Customers drive the company’s services. They must usually come first if you want to make any real profit.
• Firms need to mark the customer priorities to employ and direct and reward workers.
• If the business puts the customers firstly, the customer will feel special, valued and appreciated.
 It’s Both:
• Employees and customers are links in the same strategy and every link in the chain is really important.
• It is impossible to make a decision. Business needs to be strong for both of them, the customers and employees.
• You need to empower the employees with knowledge and support and also value and satisfy your customers.
• Train the employees what the organization’s overall aim is. After that, show them the power their work has on your customers.

2.1.8 Some Techniques to Build Trust to Win the Customer Satisfaction
Customers usually trust the company if they see a great desire, honesty and passion. Through creating a job of personal satisfaction of the customer, the business will gain more customers as well as earn more

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