Case Study Of Fiat Chrysler Group

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The Fiat Chrysler Group recognizes that "what gets measured, gets done" (Peters, n.d.). Given the company 's strategic plan for improving performance, a senior manager must define and establish key performance indicators to measure effectiveness and progress. Once the measurement criterion is formulated, a business rhythm for acquiring performance data must be instituted. The monitoring and controlling mechanisms to track performance require collaboration and participation from Regional Managers, Sales Managers, and Senior Management for the following metrics:
1. Measure customer satisfaction to create a performance baseline and increase the response rate by 40% with an overall satisfaction rate of 75% over five years
Customer Satisfaction
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The program affords each dealership employee with the opportunity to take up to 19 hours of training annually. Employees who participate in the survey will be entered into a drawing for a discount of $500 on health premiums for the next calendar year. The employee satisfaction results will reported annually to the Director of Corporate Training. A committee will be formed of Human Resource representatives from each region as a task force to facilitate a semi-annual roundtable with Director of Corporate Training and employees with varying tenure and responsibilities. The goal of the roundtable will be to identify at least one cost effective and actionable training program per quarter that will increase employee morale and job satisfaction. Program participants will be asked to complete a short survey on the impact of the program at its …show more content…
Regional Managers will compile the dealership reports into a comprehensive regional performance report and submit it to the Vice President of Sales monthly and quarterly. The Incentive Manager will use the bi-weekly reports to determine whether the dealerships should institute buyer incentive programs or performance incentives to salespersons to increase sales before the end of the month. These corrective actions ensure that the dealerships are provided with tools and techniques to meet the five percent sales goal if projections indicate that the dealership will miss its monthly targets. Sales employees at the dealership with the highest increase in sales for each year will receive a $500 bonus for outstanding

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