Case Study Of Devour Vending Machine

Executive Summary:
Devour Vending Machine is a unique idea that can sell profitably in Pakistan. With improved quality of food available on the go, students don’t have to worry about forgetting their lunch boxes at home. This will be cost effective and won’t require heavy initial investment. It will occupy a small space and being portable, we can move it anywhere, anytime. The food will be available around the clock and orders can be placed online. It is less labor intensive and no rent expense would be required. The maintenance cost will be minimal and we can clean it more easily and regularly to emphasize the hygiene factor. The marketing strategies employed would be mainly those through the media. The brand aims to bring value to customers
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• Use of new and advanced technology by a competitor.

Unique Selling Point (USP):
• Devour provides a great ease for college and university students for enjoying the food of their own choice.
• Devour provide foods to students without labor.
• It’s less time consuming as compare to café food services. We offer hygienically handled and stored food.
• We provide buying pleasure to customers.
• Reasonable prices of foods.
• It provides more variety of food than café’s.
• Provides advanced facilities to students.

Reasonable price for all food products. But because of vending machine’s efficient working, it has the potential to earn Rs. 2000-3000 per hour.

• Selective Colleges and renowned universities in Lahore
• To serve the Students and faculty of the particular institutes
• Later diversify into Offices and Shopping Malls.

Product: We plan to offer a lot including the followings:
• Pizza
• Soya muffins
• Bran sandwiches
• Salads
• Chicken burgers
• Healthy fruit drinks
• Cookies
• Tea and coffee
• Cheese French fries
• Fruit juices
• Soup and fish finger special for winters
• And much more

• Online Advertisement.
• Personal selling and product
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• Also include zip lock seal on the package to lock in the freshness for the longer period of time.

Service Awareness & Accessibility:
• Will visit reputed colleges first and convince them to sign an agreement for the installation of vending machines on rental basis.
• Orders and complaints will be welcomed on our web page


Marketing Strategy:
• Our marketing strategy will emphasize the strengths of both our company and our products.
• Will position ourselves as an aggressive, innovative company that provides food services with high-quality vending machines.
• We will position ourselves on the Internet, to reinforce this marketing strategy.
• Our brochures, letterhead, and business correspondence will further reinforce these concepts.

“We will operate under the principle that our best marketing is an exceedingly satisfied customer.”

• Will pursue for joint venture with branded companies such as nestle, gourmet and DOCE and others to create a greater market potential for Food items.
• Working with reputed brands will further make it easier for us to create positive brand image.



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