Case Study Of Developing A Strong Supply Chain Management

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3. In developing a strong supply chain management, it comes with improving an overall performance from organizational standards. In an online article, describves main objectives of supply chain managment are to improve the overall organization performance and customers satisfiaction by improving product or service delivery to consumer (Pore, 2012). In this instance, it helps with developing effective systems, processes, and people (subordinates). If there are effective systems and process, it can build a foundation that increases productivity and efficiency in meeting specific needs for a company 's conceptual goal. There becomes a tremendous need for quality subordinate as performance levels look to be successful . if there …show more content…
In creating an effective supply chain there comes with some great challenges. In 2013, John Debuiel discusses 6 challenges in an article call The Edge. (1) Overlooking the continued growth of e- commerce as a channel in the industrial sector, it 's described as building multi- channel fulfillment networks that can simultaneously process order from multiple ordering channels and fulfill them from the source that provides the highest level of satisfaction and lowest fulfillment cost (2) Inattention to potential risk, it 's an inability to define potential risks and develop mitigation strategies for those risk that have a high probability of taking place could hinder business operations (3) Unrealistic assumptions that supply chain management technologies will fix everything, performs smoothly with a stable system that compliments other components (4) Over Reliance on past performance to predict future sales, quality companies to build a system for patterns of past sells and products for customers. (5) Continued complexity being added to supply chain operations, companies must be vigilant about finding and stamping out unnecessary complexity wherever it exist (6) Lack of understanding of the full capabilities of suppliers and service partners, it becomes important for companies to know the full range of capabilities and offerings suppliers can bring to the table (Dubiel, 2013). All in all, it serves a great purpose of being able to create a stable foundation on improving …show more content…
While studying the graph/figure of 7.9, the personality that best describes me possibly is the planner. In the figure, the planner consist of 9 essential components (1) Structured (2) Detailed (3) Planning (4) Disciplined (5) Organized (6) Sequential (7) Neat (8) On time (9) Reliable. In each phase, all 9 components of the planner’s characteristics/qualities fit my personality to a T. in previous settings, i have created an infrastructure that was centered around building a strong foundation of essential needs that consistent, firm, and strategically created. While incorporating each of these 3 components, it helped with being neat, reliable, on time, and organized. The system developed helped create a routine for others to follow precisely. In the future, i will use other methods since my awareness of those skills of an leader, communicator, and analytical styles have quality characteristics attached to their description. One thing i have always used was my ability to be open to new ideas. That will create opportunity on investing new ideas that allow other possibilities. The one quality that leaders should possess is being open minded on learning and using different methods of leadership qualities. All in all, if the attitude of developing or accepting other method it could help tremendously. The opportunities could be endless on developing/ creating better quality projects all by adjusting our attitude on approaching other avenues. The status quo must always be

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