Case Study Of Data Collection On Medical Marijuana

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Data Collection - Professional and Expert Interviews Primary data was collected by conducting semi-structured interviews of professionals and experts in the field of medical marijuana recommendation and distribution in each of the three states utilizing a uniform set of open-ended questions. This data was coded and analyzed to further determine if the FDA regulation medical marijuana would protect vulnerable populations or if vulnerable populations can by protected through state medical marijuana laws, as they currently exist without FDA regulation. Patton and Sawicki (1993) state that professional and elite (specialist) interviewing is most typically used when:
It is a short-term project – This case study was short term in that data was collected between September 2015 and December 2015.
It is on a new topic – Medical marijuana is a relatively new topic, and this case study is a short-term project, interviewing professionals and experts as explained in Patton and Sawicki (1993) is appropriate for this case study.
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After sending out over sixty-five email inquiries and conducting several follow-up email and phone inquires in the attempt to schedule interviews, only fourteen interviews were scheduled and conducted. These are as

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