Case Study Of Cyber Security

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A growing problem not only in the United States, but the rest of the world as well is Cyber-security (German, 2016). German (2016) states that the office of personal management or OMP reported an initial breach of 4.2 million personal records with another 15 million records that may have been compromised. Consequently, to identify the scope of the problems as well as the need for businesses of all types requires more research. Also, there is a need to focus on cyber-security as an essential part a business plan as well. Therefore, with cyber-attacks, businesses as well as nations across the globe, but their economic and national security at risk.
Recent news headlines over the last few years showed the ever increasing problem with
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Consequently, a data breach which occurred at a major home improvement retailer, between April and September 2014, affected approximately 56 million users (Holtfreter, 2015). The general business problem is that cyber-attacks could affect the profitability of the businesses. The specific business problem is that some retail business leaders lack strategies to minimize …show more content…
The target population will include mid-level managers as well as some higher-level managers who have implemented stringent cyber security measures. Finally, the impact on social change as a result of increased cyber security awareness allows, people of all backgrounds to come together and take responsibility for the positive impact cyber security awareness has on our

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