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Intrusion FinalBy: Adam CuhelPart 1Organizational BackgroundPhysical Geography of BusinessThe purpose of this section is for the physical background of Cuhel’s Fine Dining Restaurant. Cuhel’s has four stations which include a Thermal printer in the kitchen, a computer in the main office for the management, two waitress/waiter stations one in the bar area and one in the kitchen area. The stations in the Cuhel’s restaurant are using a program called Toast. Which is a program for restaurant function. In the dining room there is free WiFi which is on a stand-alone system not connected to the business system. Cuhel’s also has two telephones’ one in the main office and one in the hostess station.Types of Worker’s
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Security Camera Check for recording and function. This is important because you need to know what happens to your company during non-business hours. Was anyone there, and how did the employees close the place did anyone do anything illegal?2. Check the updates for the Toast program. This is critical because this is the main program basically running your system it must be functioning at its peak. If this program goes down, you potentially lose money.3. Check the computers for updated software and patches. You need your computers for email and ordering and your Toast program. This keeps track of payroll and inventory.4. Check the router for function and the fire-wall for functionality.5. Check logs for abnormalities. Go over your system make sure everything is in it’s “normal” state if it’s not you should be concerned, why?6. Make sure everything is functioning and up to date Again I put this on here to double check. Humans and machines are subject to errors. Go over the entire network to make sure everything is in working order and everything is accounted for. Are the logs up to date, OS updated, Toast functioning as it should, payroll and cash-registers as well.These are the main items it could be a lot more in a real situation.Acceptable Use PolicyBy logging on to Cuhel’s network, you are agreeing to the below terms. Please read them carefully. This is a binding contract between you the customer and Cuhel’s Fine Dining Restaurant. Using this …show more content…
We reserve the right to scan the Wi-Fi network and systems connected to it to assist in identifying and protecting against exploitable security vulnerabilities (e.g., viruses) and to preserve network integrity and availability of resources (e.g., sufficient bandwidth). Devices may be disconnected from the network until security issues have been resolved. Users may not scan hotel networks or computers that they do not own or officially administer.MisconductCuhel’s reserves the right to terminate access at any time to anyone whose use of its resources violates the law or threatens system or network security, performance, or integrity.The Other Company side system is not accessible for any reason by anyone other than the security team and the CEO of Cuhel’s. State and Federal Laws apply and anyone on the company system will sign a waiver to be authorized and subject to denial by the CEO. (boutique hotel, 2017)Works Cited(2017). Retrieved from Toast: hotel. (2017, March 8th). Retrieved from same:, S. (2014). Retrieved from

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