Case Study Of Chiropractic Applied Postative Correction

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About Dr. Berry

Dr. Mark Berry is considered one of the leaders of the growing Chiropractic Applied Postural Correction movement. As more and more chiropractors discover the potential that Postural Correction has in helping patients lead healthier lives, a select group of doctors—with the education, experience, success, and ability to teach others—have come to the front: Dr. Berry is one of those.

Education: After receiving his Bachelor of Science from the University of Alabama, Dr. Berry graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic, not only with his chiropractic degree, but also with a second BS in Human Anatomy.

Experience: After graduation, he opened in his home state of Alabama and developed one of the most successful clinics in the state. His success allowed him to experience and treat thousands
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Postural or Spinal Curve Correction is a chiropractic neuromusculoskeletal, biomechanical treatment approach to address health care problems in a more scientific, objective, and effective manner.

Health problems that have been shown to improve with a postural correction approach include scoliosis, forward head posture, migraines, and other chronic pain health problems.

We know that deviations from proper posture can lead to chronic pain symptoms. Chiropractic care can address the misalignments, but postural correction increases the effectiveness of your traditional chiropractic care by addressing posture, spinal health, and related muscular imbalances.

Treating scoliosis requires a specialized postural correction approach. It can be the most difficult form of abnormal posture and spinal configuration to treat, and offers a tremendous risk to those that are not trained to treat it properly.

Many chiropractors claim to treat scoliosis, but most are unsuccessful in properly managing and improving scoliosis curves because chiropractic education and traditional techniques do not provide the insight into curve

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