Vital Statistics On Cats Case Study

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Vital statistics:
Lifecycle: 10 to 15 years

It's a medium sized cat that weighs 6 to 10 pounds.

The intelligent and persistent Korat is the owner of his people. He likes being close and not attending visitors. He gives his heart to one or two people whose company he prefers or with whom he spends more time, but he certainly wants to accept other love.

Consider this trend before you become Korat, if you have a cat that follows it all the time, it will keep you crazy. Korat is not lonely. It's better with a company, or someone works at home or in another animal. It seems that there is a reason why they have traditionally always been in pairs. Coral, which often remains alone or ignored, can lead to behavioral problems such
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Although not familiar with speaking, he is able to make a lot of different sounds, ranging from screaming to crying when he wants to express his opinion.

Choose Korata if you like the cat's dress. He will be happy to fulfill this desire whenever he wants.

Both cats with pedigrees and mixed cats have different health problems that can be genetic. Cortises are generally healthy, but they have a couple of problems that buyers should take into account: genetically degenerating neuromuscular disease and low levels of body fat that can make them vulnerable to anesthesia.

Gangliosidosis GM1 and GM2 occur when cats do not have the specific enzymes necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system. Fortunately, tests are available to identify cats that carry the disease, so the situation is rare.

In general, the skin has a low percentage of body fat, so veterinarians should keep in mind the amount and type of anesthetic used when Korat undergoes any kind of surgery.

Be sure to ask the breeder about the incidence of health problems on their lines and what tests have been done for any genetic nature. In the case of GM1 or GM2, both parents should have been evaluated, and if positive, or the carrier, the kittens should also be
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Growing up, the eyes become amber, the pupil is surrounded by a green bar. By the time the cat is between two and four years old, the eyes have become a vivid green color, for which the variety is known.

The short individual layer has a light blue in the roots, then deepens at the end of the silver tip, creating a halo effect. Unlike some varieties, the cat has its own silver blue color since the birth of kittens, although the kittens may be known as the "pigeon ghost" tags. They should get lost after maturity. The skin of the nose, lip and legs of cora ranges from dark blue to lavender.

Children and pets
Korat will appreciate the attention of the children who duly treat them and enjoy playing and learning tricks. With proper supervision, they can be a good companion to children.

Like many cats that originated in Southeast Asia, Korat tends to favor other Korat. They can meet with other cats and dogs, but they will be honored. It may or may not work well with other animals. However, Korat likes to be a company, and if he spends a lot of time with another cats or dog, they can become good

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