Case Study Of Apple's Initial Public Offering

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Bahi Beshara
Apple’s Initial Public offering Week Five Assignment Finance 516

• Identify the company and its industry.
• Discuss important financial and other facts about the company from its SEC filings.
• How successful was the IPO in raising capital?
• What has happened to the company since the IPO?
• What is the trend in the stock price of the company since the IPO?

Identify the company and its industry: Apple Inc. is a multinational company which was established in 1976 by its founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak and the company’s headquarter is located in Cupertino, California. The company specializes in manufacturing software, personal computers smartphones; it has also gained
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He was one of the company’s biggest assets which reflected on their stock prices which went down by 10 % when Jobs had to take a sick leave in 2009.One of Apple’s biggest hits was the introduction of the I pod device which is a portable music player selling for 399$ in 2001. Following the introduction of the I pod, Apple invaded the market of cellphones introducing it first phone ever, the I phone; in eight months, the company sold 1.4 million units and continues to gain more market share every year it release a newer …show more content…
reported for the fiscal year of 2014 which ends on September 27, net sales of 182,795 billion dollars compared to 170,910 in 2013 and 156,508 respectively. The gross margin also increased from 64,304 billion dollars in 2013 to 70,537 billion dollars in 2014, net income also increased on 2014 hitting 39,510 billion compared to 37,037 billion in 2013 which increased earnings per share from $5.68 to $6.45 with a cash dividend declared by common share of 1.82 in 2014 0.18 cents more than 2013.
Apple’s Inc. balance sheet appeared as following:

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