Research Paper On Occupational Therapy

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Yin Yin Khaing
CHB 550 – Fall Semester 2016
Connection to Graduate Study Paper
Occupational therapy is a profession that addresses the vital importance of people’s psychological and physical need as well as emotional well-being. Occupational therapists focus on taking care of their clients through a holistic view by looking at how clients’ personal factors influence their recovery processes. In addition, occupation therapy practitioners are an important part of teaching and educating individuals the ways of being as independent as possible as well as how to improve their quality of life in all aspects after having medical issues. Also, occupational therapy practitioners focus on analytical/assessment skills by identifying and understanding
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In addition, occupational therapists will have the clients to weight the pros and cons for changing and provide feedback to resolve the clients’ ambivalence toward change. Once the participants acknowledge that something needs to be done, the therapists will help the clients to set their goals and create a proposed schedule related to making a change. Then, the therapists will develop the effective plans relevant to the clients’ own interests and can make them more motivated to participate in the activities to make a change. Also, occupational therapists will provide continued verbal positive reinforcement to motivate participants to do the activity. Additionally, the therapists will match the tasks demand to participants’ abilities to build up self-efficacy by making the tasks harder if it is easier to complete or making the tasks easier if having difficulties. Last but not least, occupational therapists will continue to provide support to the participants and keep the activities at their paces as the therapists understand that participants need time to make long-term …show more content…
In addition, both professions are focusing on creating preventive measures to reduce illness, and injury among individuals. Last but not least, both occupational therapy practitioners and public health workers strive to provide and promote health and wellbeing for all individuals across the

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