Case Study : Nurse Case Management Model Essay

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Nurse Case Management Model
During the end of this summary, I am requested to write a term paper of analysis of nursing care delivery model. I am a case manager so I would like to write a paper of nurse case management in this term paper.
When I first touched the consent of nurse case management, I was a home care nurse so the idea of nurse case management totally was blind to you.
According to American Case Management Association (ACMA), “Case Management in Hospital/Health Care System is a collaborative practice model including patients, nurses, social workers, physicians, other practitioners, caregivers and the community.” (ACMA, 2015) Case management is a care coordination and care management to patients in the safety and security of their community and home. According to the employee’s handbook of my company, “Our nurses and social workers utilize an interdisciplinary team approach to collaborate with each member and or their caregiver to provide patient centered care.”
How does the case management team coordinate each other? Case manager, such as registered nurse and social worker collaborate with medical and community providers, such as home care agencies, pharmacies, nursing homes, hospital and other community service providers to coordinate the provision of the services that patients need.
According to the employee’s handbook of my company, “Our care management team oversees each member’s individualized care. Each team consists of a nurse, social worker and…

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