Case Study Morgan Stanley

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Register to read the introduction… Parson is given an a opportunity into this environment for the sole purpose of improving the Capital Markets division. He has been influential in building Morgan Stanley’s reputation (rankings of 10 to 3) and revenues (Market share of 2% had increased to 12.5%). Parson has the ability to generate innovative products and was most definitely extremely valuable to the firm. Even though he has done his job quite well but at the same time for doing this job he violated various important norms and rules of the company. At Morgan Stanley, franchise is much more important than any individual and here the growth of business at the expense of company's culture, teamwork and integrity of process is not accepted at all. There is no doubt that he had generated handsome amount of revenues for the company in less amount of time but due to his working style he created negative environment around him where people perceived him as volatile, insincere and not a team player. Even though he is bringing big clients it can be that all these clients may also be coming because of the firm's reputation. Rob Parson actions and traits are not in alignment with the company's mission and values. In the self evaluation he did admit that he is not quite suited to the companies culture and needs some time to adopt to the culture. Taking all these …show more content…
Option 2-
Whether not to recommend Rob Parson for promotion.

Criteria for Evaluation

Mission and values of the company :- Morgan Stanley believes in creating an environment that fosters teamwork and innovation by developing and utilizing employees to the fullest and treating each other with respect and dignity.

Relationship both internal and external environment :- Evaluating the manner in which Rob Parson engages with the organisation and the clients.

Implication on the CMS department :- The implication it will hold on the department if Rob Parson is not promoted.

Long term Goal :- Considering the option and according to the decision taken the benchmark it will set for the company and its positives.

Behaviour of Rob Parson :- Weighing the behaviour of Rob Parson according to the decision taken about his promotion.

Implications on Paul Nasr's image :- Paul Nasr's image would be at stake if the decision goes in favour of Rob

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