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T he purpose of the preliminary investigation phase is threefold. First, it answers the question, “Is this project worth looking at?” To answer this question, this phase must define the scope of the project and the perceived problems, opportunities, and directives that triggered the project.

In this milestone you will prepare a Request for System Services, which is the trigger for the Preliminary Investigation Phase. Also, you will use fact-finding techniques to extract and analyze information from an interview to determine project scope, level of management commitment, and project feasibility for the Client Technology Tracking System. With these facts and facts obtained from the
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Refer to the Case Background found in the Introduction and the interview transcript in Exhibit 1.1for the information necessary to complete the following activities.


To complete the Request for System Services form, use information from the case background. Make assumptions where necessary.

To complete the Problem Statement Matrix, use the interview with Peter Charles and the case background for the basis of your information. Make assumptions where necessary. Place yourself in the shoes of Peter Charles. Which problems do you believe have the highest visibility, and how should they be ranked? Try to determine the annual benefits. State assumptions and be prepared to justify your answers! Finally, what would be your proposed solution based on the facts you know now?

Deliverable format and software to be used are according to your instructor’s specifications. Deliverables should be neatly packaged in a binder, separated with a tab divider labeled “Milestone 1” and accompanied with a Milestone Evaluation Sheet.

1 References and Templates:

2 Case Background

Workbook Introduction

3 Transcript of Interview with Peter Charles

Exhibit 1.1


See on-line learning center website for the textbook.

1 Deliverables:

2 Request for System Services: Due: __/__/__ Time:_______

3 Problem Statement Matrix: Due: __/__/__ Time:_______



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