Case Study : Mercy Grace Counseling Center Essay

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Step 1: Prepare- Identify Problems to Address Mercy Grace Counseling Center has a numerous amount of teenage clients who suffers with anger issues. After speaking with several agencies in the area, the social worker noticed a lack of community support for teenage girls in anger management. The social worker is willing to find adequate resources that will help implement this program. She feels that the clients will support this change because this problem affects negatively families’ well-being and their relationships.
Step 2: Prepare- Review Your Macro and Personal Reality The administrators at Mercy Grace Counseling Center supports the idea of the program, so they have set aside funds gathered through fundraising to sponsor this program. Additional funding for the program would come from multiple local agencies to help cover the cost of the necessities that have not been donated. The social worker identifies that the agency has a strict regulation to close the building at 5 o’clock. The strict rules that the agency have in regards to closing, limits the ability for the meetings to take place at the agency. A strengths of the social worker would she is driven, hardworking, and reliable. Her communication and people skills will be valuable in implementation of this program. A weakness of the social worker is that she is not outspoken. This could be a barrier because in order for the program to be employed, she will need to seek community sources.
Step 3:…

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