Essay on Case Study : Mcalister 's Deli

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For this assignment, I went to McAlister 's Deli on Thursday, November 17, 2016. I had been to a few McAlister 's before, but I had never dined at the Cape Girardeau location. McAlister 's Deli is a casual restaurant chain. McAlister 's is known for their sandwiches, spuds, salads, soups, and of course their famous sweet tea. One of McAlister 's goals is to provide genuine hospitality to their guests. Even though I had been to a McAlister 's Deli before, my experience at this location was different to say the least. As I walking up to the restaurant, I was very impressed by the exterior of the building. There were several tables outside on the patio where customers could dine when the weather permits. I thought the addition of these tables on the patio added a nice touch to the exterior of the restaurant.
As soon as I walked into the restaurant, I noticed that McAlister 's was not very busy, considering it was prime dinner time. There was one customer in line in front me. After the customer finished ordering their food, the McAlister 's employee looked at me and said "I can take whoever is next" in a non-friendly tone. When I have dined at other McAlister 's, I have been greeted with a smile and asked if I had been to McAlister 's before. This particular employee did not make the greatest first impression. After I ordered my food, I sat at a high top table in the front of the restaurant. Within five minutes or so, a manager brought the food to my table.
As I looked closely…

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