Marriage Counselling Doesn T Work

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Marriage counselling doesn’t work
This is a commonly heard phrase. The reality is that no form of counselling will ever work without the person or people involved and the counsellor working together to achieve goals. Where marriage is concerned the reality is that by the time we see a couple in marriages counselling things are already pretty bad and in some cases one spouse is looking for someone to agree with them while the other already has one foot out the door.
Perhaps what we should be asking is “if marriage counselling doesn’t work, then what does?”
Does speaking to a friend or family member help?
Most couples that start to experience difficulties will first turn to friends or family members for advice or help. The sad part about this
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This is a very generalised scenario and will be slightly different from person to person.
There are always three options in every situation. Leave, leave things as they are or negotiate
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So what is the ideal?
I would say that the best chance for a marriage is someone who combines both counselling and one on one training into their sessions. Mort Fertel with his Marriage Fitness course is one of these therapists. He not only coaches and trains but does sessions with his clientele. His program is doing phenomenally well in the USA and internationally. I work through his material with my clients and support them as they work through his course while being the accountable person and guiding to them through any stormy waters while in the process.
There has been great success with this program and I believe that for those couples or even those who would like to try and save their marriage on their own, this is the way to go.
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