Essay about Case Study Managing a Systems Development Project

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Elizabeth A. Humphrey
Dr. Tim Brueggemann
November 11, 2012

Managing a Systems Development Project at consumer and Industrial Products, Inc.

Situation Consumer and Industrial Products, Inc manufacture a variety of different products for individuals and businesses. Due to ineffective accounts payable system, Consumer and Industrial Products, Inc started a new project called Payables Audit Systems (PAS). The process of beginning this new project was taken very seriously. Roles were assigned and defined. Ted Anderson was the director of the project. Peter Shaw was assigned the responsibility of user project manager. The user project manager was “responsible for making sure that the system meets the user department’s
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Ted Anderson, the executive sponsor is concerned and doesn’t quite know where to go from here. Many hours have been put into researching this new system. It is on the edge of being adopted by the company and is now in danger of falling behind in the adoption process due to Linda Watkins’ car accident. Everyone involved in this project has taken great strides to do their research to ensure this is the right system for Consumer and Industrial Products, Inc. This company has done a great job with strategic planning. With all the great planning of this project, it doesn’t appear risks were taken into consideration. When working on and planning a project, “a good approach is to consistently include risk communication in the tasks you carry out. If you have a team meeting, make project risks part of the default agenda (and not the final item on the list!).” (Jutte) Where was the plan B for this project?

Proposal It appears Consumer and Industrial, Inc needs the PAS system in order to process accounts payable more effectively and efficiently. It appears it will save the company money, as well as keep the vendors happy. Now that Linda Watkins has been injured and cannot return to work for an extended period of time, Ted Anderson will need to visit with Charles Bunke to come up with another plan to keep this project moving. Ted and Charles will need to meet with the other project

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