Case Study Management Process Groups Used Five Project Management

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For the “ResNet Case Study”, the project management process groups used five project management process to complete this case (initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing).
The cause of this case study was that the NWA company lost money in the reservations call center. Fay Beauchine, the Vice President of the reservations at Northwest Airlines; prompt people to understand that instead of monitoring the number of calls and length of calls, it will be much more important to focus on the number of sales made through the call centers. So they focused on sales and not just service itself.
Initiating: the initiating problems with this particular case study was that the calls were taking longer to complete and few direct sales were being made. According to the case study, a project managers need to provide leadership to their project team members, develop good relationships with project stakeholders, understand the business side needs of this project, and prepare realistic project plans to make this project success. Likewise, the company spend their time and money by selecting important projects to work on and by getting them to a good start.For this case study, they had twenty people working on ResNet, and assembled a project team for the Beta ResNet system. ResNet involved three distinct projects: a ResNet Beta project, ResNet 1995, and ResNet 1996. The initiating phase helped to break the work into manageable and minimize financial risks.
The major activities they…

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