Case Study : Lucky Brand Jeans Essay

793 Words Jun 30th, 2015 4 Pages
The business plan that I chose to examine is Lucky Brand Jeans, which is a denim company founded in Vernon, California. Lucky Brand currently has over 209 stores in America. In December 2013, Leonard Green and Partners acquired Lucky Brand from Fifth and Pacific. Lucky Brand mission statement is that they are culturally innovative and are committed to providing high-quality denim. It is a brand that helps express your own personal style with charm and a hint of rebellion.
The analysis that I conducted for Lucky Brand will explain the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats in regards to a sound business plan. The SWOT analysis that I conducted will provide information about the overall business model, the issue the company may encounter in the future and how can the business model improve.
The strengths that the Lucky Brand business model present is that the company has over 209 stores across America and Canada. Lucky Brand has open nine new location within the two years. Within the business plan, the company is experiencing growth. In order to compete with other rival store chain, Lucky Brand has expanded their product line to include kid 's line, active wear, and footwear. Furthermore, Lucky Brand has a partnership with Triumph and Indian motorcycle, also with Fender guitar. By doing so, Lucky Brand is establishing a culture that is not present in the other rival store chain. Another strength that Lucky Brand exhibits is that you can find their product line in…

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