Essay on Case Study : Lincoln Electric Company

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Analysis of Organizational culture. Case Study- Lincoln Electric Company

It 's so amazing to read about Lincoln Electric Company especially to know Organization Structure Lincoln Electric Company has never had a formal organization chart. The objective of this policy is to insure maximum flexibility. An open door policy is practiced throughout the company and personnel are encouraged to take problems to the persons most capable of resolving them. Perhaps because of the quality and enthusiasm of the Lincoln Electric Company workforce routine supervision is almost nonexistent.

It 's hard to categorize Lincoln Electric Company under a particular culture dimension, meaning it 's a well rounded organization except for a few dimensions that cannot be verified from outside except by internal research. It can be easily concluded that the following dimensions are visible in Lincoln Electric Company and I will ratein percentage based on the further research I carried out

- People-Oriented : 75%

- Team Oriented : 90%

- Stable : 85%

- Outcome Oriented : 95%

- Aggressive : 60 %

- Innovative: 65%

- Detail Oriented: inconclusive

"One of James Lincoln early actions as head of the firm was to ask the employees to elect representatives to a committee that would advise him on company operations. The Advisory Board has met with the chief executive officer twice monthly since that time."-

This explains the management style of inclusion, this approach I 'm sure will send a message of…

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