Case Study : Lincoln Electric Company Essay

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Lincoln Electric Company

Based on my observation form the case study of Lincoln Electric, the management style that is used is the participative leadership style. This management style places emphasis on teamwork, motivation of employees to work together in solving problems and increasing performance and productivity. The organizational culture that Lincoln Electric emulates is that of the Organizational Culture Profile. It was the founder’s belief that “the customers’ interest should be the first goal of the industry.” Satisfying the customers and the employees was of greater priority than those of the stockholders, thus creating a culture value which places emphasis on employee satisfaction. Happy employees produce quality products and a high productivity rate.

In an organization it is very important to implement an appraisal system as it helps to influence employees’ productivity and also to contribute to the organization in a positive way. According to Martin (n.d), “performance appraisals can benefit employees and organizations by clarifying goals and expectations, and creating an environment of open communication. The best performance appraisals offer positive feedback and advice for improvement, and typically consist of a conversation between management and the employees.”

To show how much Lincoln Electric Company values their employees, the employees are allowed to take part in the decisions making for the operations of the company and to share their ideas. They…

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