Case Study Layar - Mobile Augmented Reality Essay

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University of Amsterdam – Business Studies

International Entrepreneurship March – 2010 dr. Tsvi Vinig

“Ubiquity First, Revenue Later” A descriptive case study on the entrepreneurial venue Layar B.V.

Bendert Katier Studentnumber: 5927752


“Ubiquity First, Revenue Later” A descriptive casestudy in the entrepreneurial venue Layar B.V. Bendert Katier –
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An entrepreneurial venue that provides such a service is Amsterdam-­‐ based Layar. The three founders created an application that places a layer over the image shown from the digital camera on a mobile device, and called it an augmented reality browser (see exhibit 1). By moving the camera around, the user can for example see in real time what houses are for sale, which bars and shops are popular, available jobs, healthcare providers and where the closest ATM’s are located. Having recently scored $3.4M in funding and a global distribution agreement with a major handset manufacturer (Wauters, 2009a), the future for Layar seems to be a bright one.

However things wouldn’t be as they are today without the choices that this entrepreneurial team made, setting the firm on a distinct ‘path’ among many possible. By

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