Case Study - Joe's Problem Essay

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Case Study: What is Joe’s Problem? Lisa A. Jones

Introduction This case study describes the problems resulting from the promotion of Joe Doss at Ajax. Joe had an outstanding technical mind. He enjoyed doing research and working alone in his lab. Recognized as an outstanding contributor to the company, he received a promotion to head of a new research team. Problems immediately ensued, administrative details went unattended, and team members found it difficult to talk to Joe. He was preoccupied with technical problems.

Organizational Level Problems The organization promoted Joe based on his technical skills, without taking into consideration Joe’s individual personality or evaluating his ability to
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The organization should use grid training as an effective means of developing successful leadership behavior. The organization must also focus on developing diverse teams with complementary skills through team building training. Action learning is the best approach to ensuring continued development of teams and leaders. Implementing the recommendations will lead to increased job satisfaction among employees and improved production for the organization.

Supervisory Recommendations Joe’s supervisor needs to participate in leadership development training to help him become a more effective leader himself. By becoming a more effective leader, he will learn how to create successful teams and how to evaluate an individual’s leadership capabilities. Through leadership training, he will also learn how to match people to jobs that fit their interests leading to increased job satisfaction. He will also learn how to select team members based on their skills or potential skills thus creating successful diverse teams. By following these recommendations, he will be able to grow people while growing the organization. Opening clear channels of communications and developing strong organizational communication skills will aid the supervisor in communicating effectively with all employees.

Individual Recommendations Joe will need to decide

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