Case Study : Jen Owned A Cafe And Pastry Shop Essay

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Apparently, Jen owned a Cafe & Pastry shop. She excitedly told tales of strange and obnoxious customers as if that was the funniest thing ever. My parents somehow found it humorous that an old man accidentally left in fake teeth in the coffee mug. That 's simply disguting.

Anyhow, during dinner, not even once did Alex come downstairs to join the conversation. Jen made some excuse about him not feeling too well after a long day of work. With the attitude Alex had, I was surprised he had a job. Then again, a mother couldn 't fire her own son.

When it came time for us to leave, the aforementioned boy came to get a drink of water.

His mother called him over to say goodbye to us.

"Hey Alex, Hope 's joining your school. Be sure to help her out," Jen said with a sweet smile.

I refrained from scoffing. Alex offered a nod and a fake smile. Funnily, my parents didn 't seem too thrilled by that. After waving our goodbyes and returning to our place, mom and dad told me to wait for a minute.

"Don 't get too friendly with that boy," Mom said.

"Don 't worry, I don 't plan to," I mumbled.

"But why not?" asked Jake.

"He 's not the best influence I want on my children," Mom answered. "Now, go to your rooms and get your things ready for school tomorrow."

Jake and I groaned.


The first day of school, as usual, was a daunting task.

Students snuck glances at the new girl in the junior year classes. Eleventh grade was supposed to be the toughest year of high school. I kept my…

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