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Case Study
Using Information Technologies at Federal Express
Federal Express, founded in 1971, handles an average of 3 million package-tracking requests every day ( To stay ahead in a highly competitive industry, Federal Express focuses on customer service by maintaining a comprehensive Web site,, to assist customers and reduce costs. For example, every request for information is handled at the Web site instead of going to the call center saves roughly $1.87. Federal Express has reported that customer calls have decreased by 83, 000 per day since 2000, which saves the company $57.56 million per year. In addition, each package-tracking costs Federal Express three cents; by using Web site instead
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More than 45 million users in at least 20 countries were affected as well as many organizations, including NASA and the CIA. The damages were estimated at $2 billion to $10 billion. Experts traced the origin of the virus to the Philippines, using information provided by an Internet Service provider, the Philippine National Bureau of Investigation, and the FBI. The Philippines, however, had no cybercrime law, so creating and disseminating a virus wasn’t considered a crime. Convincing the court to issue a warrant to search the suspect’s apartment took several days, which gave the suspect plenty of time to destroy most of the evidence. Officials were finally able to search and seize evidence indicating Onel de Guzman, a former computer science student, was the person responsible for creating and spreading the virus.
Answer the following questions: 1. How is the cost of damage by a virus calculated? (Hints: Some costs involve loss of sales, personnel time, replacing damaged files and programs, replacing equipment, and buying or upgrading equipment to protect against future attacks.) * 2. Research U.S. laws for prosecuting hackers and describe two. Include an Example of a case using each law. * 3. How can organizations guard against viruses such as The Love Bug? *

Data Communication at Walmart Walmart has made several changes in data communication systems to improve

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