Case Study: Introduction To Research: APA Style Writing

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Case Study Synthesis Paper The purpose of this paper is to consolidate many of the facts and methodologies learned and utilized throughout this course. The case study method of research will be used to consolidate learning. Crawford’s (2017), Introduction to Research: Less Fright, More Insight aids in learning the new material. The manual is easy to read and the writing method makes concepts easier to grasp. Using research from a biblical viewpoint helps to broaden my view of research in general.
Introduction to Research
Introduction to research has been very informative. Research is used in almost every facet of life, although many times, our results are not recognized as research. The use of American Psychological Association
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9). In this way, all research results will be in the same format making the format universal and easier to read. In addition, the APA style also, according to McDonald (2011), presents a universal, “professional writing voice” (p. 125). Crawford (2017) states the APA Manual is the definitive manual used to determine which APA approach and format to use. My degree program is social work and the APA style writing is what is used. Learning the different APA formats will be very helpful in future …show more content…
A between subjects design is where one group of participants is exposed to one level of the independent variable (Crawford, 2017, p. 207). A within subjects design is when one group of participants are exposed to all levels of the independent variable (Crawford, 2017, p. 219). A matched subjects design is a when a screening process occurs before the groups are exposed to levels of the independent variable (Crawford, 2017, p. 231). An example would be to conduct research using only women. These women would then be exposed to other independent variables. This is also a subject

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