Essay on Case Study : Interprofessional Collaboration

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Case Study: Interprofessional Collaboration Working in a hospital, there is no guarantee as to how many patients a nurse will have to care for in a day, the conditions of the patients will vary, and the amount of staff that is on hand never seems to be enough. Most night shifts have doctors who are on call, with resident physicians on the floors. Things can get tricky when there is not enough experience between the nurses and physicians on hand. As a nurse working with a healthcare team, the team is comprised of many people. There are certified nursing assistants (CNAs), x-ray technicians, pharmacists, therapists, resident physicians, doctors, surgeons, and many more. That is a lot of people that need to get along for the wellbeing of each patient. The author feels that not everyone needs to get along go the point where people are friends outside of work, but there needs to be a teamwork of communication through each shift. The author knows that some healthcare workers are there for the pay and benefits, some only work their scheduled hours and manager to achieve all their tasks, and the rest are there because they have compassionate hearts, and want to care for patients and their families. The author respects people who have a good work ethic, are honest, and are never late. System barriers within the health care team are going to happen within each shift. It is important to understand that other healthcare members are required to be on all parts of the hospital not…

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