Essay on Case Study : International Information Technology

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A. Risk Register
Contoso Corporation is an international Information Technology (IT) training and consulting services provider headquartered in San Diego, CA. It also has offices in Toronto, Canada and Mexico City, Mexico. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Contoso offers training courses for Microsoft products and services. To reduce its costs and expand its offering to a global audience, Contoso recently shifted its training focus from instructor-led classes at physical training centers to the virtual training model in the cloud. The virtual labs platform is hosted and managed by its cloud hosting provider in Chicago, IL. Contoso consulting division offers consulting services to large enterprises in the North American market for Microsoft, Cisco, VMware and Oracle technologies. Although the consulting services are delivered mostly onsite at its client’s offices, the interest in virtual consulting has tripled in the last year. Contoso is concerned about some of the risks its facing due to the recent changes to its training and consulting services and the potential impact that it may have on its business.
Contoso is an international company so its training classes are offered in every time zone across the world. The support staff is available 24x7 to serve its customers. There are several factors that influence Contoso’s decisions and effect its business. The Emergency Management Team (EMT) in San Diego coordinates its activities with the offices in Toronto and Mexico City and…

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