Case Study : Huntsville Hospital Risk Management Essay

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Huntsville Hospital Risk Management
Risk Management programs provide protection to patients, staff members, and visitors from inadvertent injuries while protecting healthcare systems’ financial assets and community reputation. Risk management plans are designed to provide guidance and structure within an organization’s clinical and business services of providing a safe environment while delivering quality patient care.
Identifying high-risk areas in healthcare that could possibly cause harm to visitors, patients and /or employees, building policies to avoid adverse events and proposing an adequate reporting system exist as challenges for the risk management team in a health care facility (Bickmore 2015). The introduction of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) to the field of healthcare, specifically Huntsville Hospital, created a unique opportunity allowing healthcare facilities to become more proactive in risk management. Networking the efforts of various departments within the healthcare facility allows the risk management to have a broader perspective, ultimately focusing on preventive risks rather than reactionary (Pekkinen & Aaltonen 2015). Huntsville Hospital focuses on a remarkable risk management plan ensuring an ongoing, comprehensive, and systematic approach to reducing risk exposures while governed by the standards of risk management apparent by the Joint Commission Accreditation. HH risk management consists of risk management team, multiple risk management…

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