Essay on Case Study : Human Resource Management

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Alvarez 3

Human resource trends are said to be the biggest issue for business from the biggest corporation to the littlest mom and pop business endeavor. The ability to compete in the world of global business will continue to be rattled with road blocks that current and future human resource managers will have to navigate. There are five areas that will need to be satisfied and with each comes with its own remedies depending on the business and culture. The globalization of the current business markets has widened the scope of how companies operate thus giving the humans resource management teams every broadening task of corporate hiring through the global and national boundaries of navigation. There are many issues that current and future human resource managers must deal with if they want to stay in the game of selecting the employee and maintaining its own talent pool. I have found five issues that I believe to be the most common.
The first of this issues is that the markets that we started out are no longer dealing with a closed market where materials and products can be easily accessed, the world that we live in currently is ever expanding into the profit margin. As a profit seeking entity, this comes the need for companies to be able to conduct business with other suppliers from across the horizons and the ability to expand into markets that where once closed. With this in mind companies will need to employ and manage trade and business in unfamiliar countries with…

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