Case Study: Human Dignity And Capital Punishment

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Veronica Waters S00169400
Tutor Name: Jen Koch

Veronica Waters S00169400
Tutor Name: Jen Koch

Uncc300 assessment task 2: case study
Case Study 2: Human Dignity and Capital Punishment

This essay will discuss human dignity and capital punishment. Human dignity is a critical factor because this is someone?s life that could be ended because of people?s different views on dignity and it challenges the significance of human dignity from different perspectives. This issue of human dignity and the capital punishment will be explored through two different perspectives. The first perspective to be examined is perspective two; that people that are found guilty of a major crime should be given the chance to rehabilitate themselves and restore their
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This perspective will be explored through the relation of this perspective to human dignity and the justification of the perspective. The reading that supports this perspective is that of Conquergood (2002). Conquergood (2002) looks at the way in which humans are faced with capital punishment and how it has always been a public affair to show society that if you commit criminal acts then you will be subject to capital punishment. The quadrant that is most evident in this reading is 2B. Quadrant 2B is defined as ?dignity that humans can acquire or lose through moral or immoral behaviour: humans acquire dignity when they behave well in society, but can also lose it when they behave badly? (ACU, 2016, section. 2.1.3). Capital punishment is considered justified because it gives closure to the victims? families and to society that if someone does something bad then they will have to face the consequences. This reading fits into quadrant 2B because most of the arguments made are that capital punishment is right because it gives closure and argues that if you do something wrong society needs to see that the person will face capital punishment because they have committed this …show more content…
This was examined by exploring perspective two that enables offenders to be able to rehabilitate themselves and hold the values of quadrant 2A. and perspective three was also explored which considers capital punishment to be justified as the offenders have lost their dignity in relation with quadrant 2B. And finally, the many dimensions of humans was explored and the importance of viewing human dignity as multidimensional. Capital punishment is a complex issue that needs to be considered from a multidimensional

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