Case Study : High School, Just Like Every Other Educational Institution

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Napavine Jr. Sr. High School, just like every other educational institution, has multiple stakeholders with whom we must deal. The challenges we face are the close proximity of our small school to the majority of community members and parents, and the intimacy and long-term shared experiences between staff, parents and students. While this creates a large familial bond, like any family, issues arise when people on all sides find themselves in a situation that requires a decision that might negatively affect the perceived familial relationship. At Napavine, we have teachers, parents, community members and students who have been in the community for all of their lives; and, we have those same stakeholders who have not. Division between stakeholder segments naturally depends upon what is at stake. First, we have the staff stakeholders. Many of our staff members are fifty plus years of age and have been at Napavine for twenty or more years. For example, one of our staff members is retiring this year after forty-seven years of teaching at Napavine. Another just celebrated twenty-five years with the district. Out of the thirty-one staff members, eleven have been at Napavine four years or less. The rest have been in the district five or more years. Breaking it down even further confirms that there are twenty-one long-serving teachers to only six newcomers. The students also experience the same type of division as teachers and other staff members. There are students who…

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