Case Study: Henry Tam And The MGI Team

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Register to read the introduction… Henry should caution to the team the deadline for the Business Plan Contest application and advise the appointment of an effective leader, dominating himself given he has the necessary leadership styles for the position[16]. He should specify roles, duties, norms and delegate tasks and responsibilities in achieving short term and long term goals. Henry could convince the MGI team to target the educational market for its short term goal and the entertainment market as its long term goal. He should also keep a close monitor on how the team communicates formally and informally, addressing dysfunctional behaviors immediately.

The second
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Their main problem was the repetitive decision making process with no consensus.The objectives of their meetings where not stated nor was there proper time management. Henry should prepare an agenda of objectives and communicate them clearly to the group prior to the meetings. He should appoint Dana as minute taker for the meetings to ensure schedule is followed and necessary post meeting actions clearly stated and executed.
Finally, the conflict between the team members presented another team problem. The three founders had some conflict among themselves. Sasha and Dana stereotyped each other and was always in opposition. Henry acted as the compromiser to resolve the conflict between Sasha and Dana using the compromising technique but should exercise preventative strategies.

MGI should look for a neutral third party leader with plenty of industry expertise and teamwork leadership skills in the long run. Dana had commented, “We need one more person to make the whole thing work: someone with seniority and a deep knowledge of the market…”[23] . The team members were in deep conflicts and sometimes did not respect each other so a neutral party may be best option in long term.

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