Case Study : Health Promotion Paper

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Health Promotion Paper
The need I identified in my Windshield Survey was the absence of inpatient drug treatment facilities in Vincennes, Indiana. Lack of inpatient treatment resulted in patients being turned away from Good Samaritan Hospital and referred to facilities that are an hour or more away from Vincennes. This need is associated with the Healthy People 2020 objective of Substance Abuse which is aimed at reduction in the number of teens using alcohol or any illicit drugs, (Allender, Rector & Warner 2014). Lack of insurance and funds to pay for treatment is often a detriment to patients utilizing services that are not local. Patients often are noncompliant with outpatient treatment and need the more structured care provided by an inpatient unit. Combined use of tobacco, alcohol and illicit drugs costs more than $700 billion annually related to crime, loss of job productivity and costs directly related to health care, (National Institute on Drug Abuse 2015). Thus the cost of this epidemic to the America people is staggering.
Literature Review
An important program put into place in America is the use of school based interventions. This program has three main approaches, social resistance skills training, normative education, and competence enhancement skills training, (Griffin & Botvin 2011). Resistance skills training programs introduce to adolescents, potential situations where they may experience peer pressure to smoke, drink, or use drugs. The students learn…

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