Case Study : Hacienda Heights, California Essay

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Hacienda Heights, California
The census-designated place known as Hacienda Heights, California is located in Los Angeles County. At the time of the 2010 census, this community was home to 54,038 residents. The area was once an agricultural town in the 1940’s, but has since transformed into the bedroom community of Hacienda Heights. California is one of the most populous states in the country. With the millions of residents residing in the state, statistics show that the number of individuals living in California struggling with drug and alcohol addiction problems is staggering. During 2015, California rehab programs enrolled 148,498 individuals for drug and alcohol addiction problems (TEDS). According to enrolment statistics from that year, amphetamine addiction (30.1%) was the leading reason clients sought treatment, followed by heroin addiction (24.4%) and marijuana addiction (14.7%).
Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction comes in many forms. Drug rehab programs in Hacienda Heights, California and the surrounding area offer residents options such as outpatient care and methadone treatment. There are traditional rehabilitation programs near Hacienda Heights as well as ones considered more progressive and holistic. Determining the style of program that will fit the needs of the addict can be challenging. By reviewing the individual’s recovery needs, the severity of their addiction problem and whether they have been through treatment before will help to clarify which type…

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