Spiritually Rp's Challenges: A Case Study

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Goals for the Challenges
RP presents with mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges since gastric bypass. Each of RP’s challenges are post-operative struggles that she must continue to work through. Mentally RP battles depression, physically she works to lose and maintain her weight loss with exercise, emotionally she must continue working with the bariatric support group, and spiritually RP establishes her faith. The purpose of this assignment is to discuss the desired outcomes and goals for each of RP’s challenges.
Outcomes or Goals
RP reports feelings of depression. Xiang (2010) stated, “Depression is a whole-body illness, affecting not only moods, thoughts, and behavior, but also body function and life habits” (p. 42). I would recommend that RP seeks professional help for her mental health. After a 20-minute therapy session, RP will verbalize two things that trigger her depression. This goal will help RP to identify things that lead to depressive feelings and will help her learn to
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For a patient such as RP who suffers from depression, the nurse could spend some extra time with patient listening to the patient’s concerns, and fears. The nurse could also allow the patient time for spiritual practices such as religion, yoga, or meditation (Xiang, 2010). Providing the patient with uninterrupted time for these activities will allow for holistic healing. The nurse can support the patient’s emotions by empathizing with the patient. Nurses should also understand that everyone deals with things differently and what may seem routine to some will be a highly stressful and emotional time for others. Physically the nurse will provide routine care, but may also offer a caring touch to connect with the patient on a deeper level. Sometimes a simple touch can let the patient know that you are listening and supporting

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