Essay about Case Study : Glocalisation Of Hong Kong Disneyland

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Case Study 2 : Glocalisation of Hong Kong Disneyland
Through the dynamics of incorporation and adaptation of the global Disney culture with the Hong Kong culture, Hong Kong Disneyland was relatively successful in entering the Chinese market. Opened in 2005, Hong Kong Disneyland was the first Disney theme park in China, vast majority of the Hong Kong citizens have welcomed this development with open arms despite the rebukes about its small land size and long waiting hours for park rides and attractions. One of the reasons behind the success of Hong Kong Disneyland can be explained by the strong Western influences during its long colonial history under the British governance. As the average Hong Kong citizens has always been an active consumer of Disney products, there was plenty of pre-existing context for Disney in Hong Kong even long before the entry of the theme park, and such Disney experiences in the city has helped to gain acceptance of Disneyland among the local citizens. Yet, Hong Kong Disneyland would not have been as successful without incorporating the Chinese culture and traditions into the Disney setting to accommodate the regional visitors. Employees at the theme park speak English, Cantonese and also Mandarin; brochures and maps are printed in both traditional and simplified characters to accommodate mainland Chinese visitors (Fowler & Marr 2006). To demonstrate Disney’s willingness to adapt to the Chinese culture, Hong Kong Disneyland developed its own version…

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