Case Study : Global And Marketing Research Essay

1488 Words Oct 19th, 2016 6 Pages
Global and marketing research is important to gain valuable information related to needs and wants of customers. With the help of effective research, business can enhance their performance to attract potential customers in the global and domestic market (Akaka, Vargo and Lusch, 2013). Present report is based on a case study which provides importance of market research on Shampoo. For this SLG Company has been selected which provides various cosmetics, fragrance, beauty accessory and lifestyle products (SLG, 2016). Now, they want to introduce their product shampoo in Dubai markets. This report covers description of existing products from the country origin. Furthermore, it covers importance of market research with relevance to chosen product. Moreover, it includes challenges faced by the manager when conducting a market research. At last, it covers limitations of current market research with recommendations.
Description of existing products Shampoo is a hair care product which is used to remove oils, dirt, dandruff and other contains particles that exist in hairs. Shampoo concept was introduced in Britain from colonial India. It is derived from Hindi champi which is used in Anglo-Indian in 1762. Champi was used in India with some form of oils (Ambos and Håkanson, 2014). Shampoo is a term which was developed by an entrepreneur of Bengal in 1814. In that, they determined treatment of hairs with champi (shampooing). In 1900s, its meaning was changed that it is sense of…

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