Case Study Gi Joe Essay

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Situational Analysis Hasbro Inc. owns the very successful brand, G.I. Joe that is an icon in the toy industry. G.I. Joe has been a dominate factor in the market for toys since its launch in 1964. The brand has been able to stand the test of time and its creators have successfully preserved the brand throughout the years. Hasbro’s challenge is to market the G.I. Joe brand in such a way, so that it can become a mega brand like its competitor Mattel with its mega brand Barbie. The toy market has volatile sales depending upon trends created by consumer demand. The market is also very seasonal in which sales are typically best during the Christmas shopping season. The target customer for Hasbro Inc. is a shrinking market due to …show more content…
Hasbro Inc. enjoys good relationships with its retailers and has secured shelf space to be able to dominate the action figure section of the toy aisles. The brand recognition allows it to be first choice to consumers when faced with choosing one brand over a substitute product. However, using this lackadaisical approach could allow G.I. Joe to fall by the wayside as so many other popular brands have. The toy market is unpredictable and the consumers are looking for the next best thing. The competition is fierce and should be managed wisely. Hasbro Inc. should not pursue this option because it does not fit into the strategy of keeping the brand on toy shelves. Hasbro Inc. could also manage the G.I. Joe brand with multiple forms of entertainment, such as toys, trading cards, video games, DVD’s, books, an innovative website or a movie. This approach has proved successful with many other toy brands. This would allow G.I. Joe to recapture some of the older boys that it would normally lose after they turn to playing video games or using the internet. This option would be good for Hasbro Inc. because they do not have to compete with the other toy companies of the licensing rights or pay minimum royalties because they own the brand. This strategy would also allow G.I. Joe to become a mainstay in American Homes because of its diverse product line. Younger boys would play with the action figures, while the older children would enjoy the

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