Case Study : Genetically Modified Food Essay

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Work Cited
Kreipe, Marie. Genetically Modified Food. Hamburg, DE: Diplomica Verlag, 2010. ProQuest ebrary. Web. 23 March 2016.

Marie Kriepe begins her book by precisely defining and describing what genetically modified (GM) food is. She mentions how GM food is based from GM organisms whose DNA has been unnaturally altered. The reasons given for doing so include: agricultural productivity, pest and disease resistance, and nutritionally healthier food. Genetically modified foods have, for the most part, been largely accepted. However, as given charts show, very few European countries allow GM foods. In fact, most of the world’s GM crops are grown out of three countries, the U.S., Argentina, and Brazil. While beginning on the positive effect of GM organisms, Kriepe shifts to the negative side effects these foods pose. Gene transfer, allergenicity, and outcrossing are some of the less than attractive attributes of these products. (Kriepe 1-8)

This source should be quite helpful by adding specific data and definitions the research paper. Kriepe describes in depth the different aspects of GM foods, where they came from, and their effects. Some of her charts may be used if needed throughout the paper.

Nelson, Gerald C. Genetically Modified Organisms in Agriculture. London, GB: Academic Press, 2001. ProQuest ebrary. Web. 23 March 2016.

From the beginning, Gerald Nelson starts with the brief history of genetically modified (GM) organisms. He describes the first…

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