Case Study: Friendliest School For The Disabled

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Register to read the introduction… Objectives In 1995, Trinity University of Asia was recognized by former Pres. Fidel V. Ramos as the “Friendliest School for the Disabled”. The main objective of this project is to prove that Trinity University of Asia is continuing the tradition of caring for the disabled. The secondary objectives of the study are to lessen their burden in commuting to school. In addition, it provides a clean, comfortable and secure accommodation to students. Also, it gives a wide variety of services. Marketing Aspect * To be able to determine the impact of this proposed project to the stakeholders, both the students and the university. Management Aspect * To be able to promote the most appropriate method for the management of the dormitory. Technical Aspect * To be able to create a good dormitory that will meet the expectations and needs of the PWD students. Financial Aspect * To be able to determine ways to make this project affordable to those who will benefit from it and at the same time, profitable for the business owners. Socio-economic …show more content…
Marketing Strategies For marketing strategies, we should always consider the so called “Marketing Mix”: Product, Place, Price and Promotion. D.1. Product Strategy The proposed project offers a dormitory for the persons with disabilities (PWD) students of Trinity University of Asia. It is a place in the school campus where they can live a comfortable life as they study and where all they needs will be provided. Internet use will be available in the dormitory for the students to be able to do their homework and research. The dormitory will be designed and built based on the needs of the PWD students. D.2. Price Strategy Determining the price is one great factor that affects the marketability of a certain business or project. The price or the rent in the dormitory is P8, 500 per person per month. D.3. Place Strategy The place for the proposed project will be at Trinity University of Asia campus, Cathedral Heights, E. Rodriguez Sr., Quezon City, because the project is intended primarily to the PWD students of the said university. D.4. Promotion

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